Summit is a global Distributor Of current/allocated hard-to-find and obsolete electronic and electrical components. Through our worldwide distribution network, we have become purchasing agents first (and last) call! Summit is a global Distributor Of Electronics, Military, New, Obsolete & Passive Components. We are proud that Summit personnel focus on: customer service, reliability, fast delivery, and outstanding pricing.
Summit Electronics
Summit Electronics
How does Summit do it?
- 53 Years Experience
- Knowledgeable Sales Staff
- Competitive Pricing
- Hard To Find & Obsolete Parts
- International Import/Export
- 40,000 Inventoried Items
- 90% Of Deliveries - Overnight
- No Line Item Minimum
- 24 Hour Phone & Fax Support
- Distributor Of Electronics
- Global Distributor of Military Components
- Hard to Find and Obsolete Electronics
- Distributor of Passive components
- One-On-One Personal Support

A Message from our CEO: Challenge Us To Locate Your Most Needed Parts!

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