Summit is a global Distributor Of Electronics, Military, Obsolete & Passive Components
Distributor Of Electronic, Military, Obsolete and Passive Components

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International Rectifier parts

Summit is proud to be able to supply you with all International Rectifier parts. These include:

  • Integrated Solutions
    • iPOWIR Products
    • Accelerator
    • iNTERO Modules
    • Plug n Drive
    • Discrete HEXFET Power MOSFET
    • Dual HEXFET Power MOSFET
    • FETKEY CoPackaged HEXFET and Schottky
    • HEXFET Power MOSFET Module
    • HYBRID HEXFET and Gate Driver
  • Integrated Circuits
    • Single Driver
    • Dual Drivers
    • 3-Phase Driver
    • Synchronous Rectifier Drivers
    • IRIS - Integrated Switchers
    • Intelligent Power Switch
    • Switching Controllers
    • Ballast Controllers
    • H-Bridge Controllers
    • Voltage Regulators
  • IGBT
    • Discretes
    • Co-Packs: IGBT with Output Diode
    • Modules
  • Diodes
    • DIODE: Schottky
    • DIODE: Hyperfast
    • DIODE: Standard Recovery
    • DIODE: Ultrafast
    • DIODE: HI-Power Fast Recovery
  • Bridges
    • Single Phase
    • Three Phase
    • Phase Control SCR Bridge
  • Thyristors
    • SCR: Phase Control Discrete
    • SCR: Phase Contol Module
    • SCR: Fast Discrete
    • SCR: Fast Module
  • Relays
    • MER: Photovoltaic Relay
    • MER: Photovoltaic Isolator
  • Hi-Rel
    • Hi-Rel Power MOSFETs
    • Hi-Rel Synchronous Rectifier
    • Hi-Rel Operational Amplifiers
    • Hi-Rel Multi-Chip Modules
    • Hi-Rel DC-DC Converters and EMI Filters
    • Hi-Rel Voltage Regulators
    • Hi-Rel Schottkys
    • Hi-Rel Ultrafast Rectifiers
    • Hi-Rel IGBTs
    • Hi-Rel Control Integrated Circuits
  • Reference Design Kits
    • iPOWER Technology
    • Switching Controller
    • Motor Contol
    • Integrated Switchers
    • Lighting


List of

BKC International
Boca Semiconductor
Calogic Corp.
Diodes Inc.
Fuji Poly
General Instrument
General Semiconductor
Industrial Midwec
International Rectifier
ITT Semiconductor
Lite On, Inc.
Micro Quality
Mospec International
New England Semiconductor
NTE Electronics
Rohm Corp.
Semelab Ltd.
Stetron International
Teccor Electronics
Texas Instruments

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