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  R531030   ROCKWELL R996514300SF   3M RAD-680R-A-4    RC0603JR0715M   YAGEO RC17-0142-5   KEL-AM
  R531038   ROCK R996534300SF   3M RAD-68K-4-A    RC0603JR07180R   YAGEO RC1V106M05005VR259   SAMWHA
  R531123   ROCKWELL R996550300SF   3M RAD-68R-A-4    RC0603JR071K+-5%   YAGEO RC201   KYOCERA
  R5313-17   ROCKWE RA 5514   ARMACO RAD-6K8-4-A    RC0603JR071K5   PHYCOMP RC2010F3320T    TRI
  R5319-16   ROCKWE RA003BK3    LUCENT RAD-6R8-4   N/A RC0603JR07200R   YAGEO RC2010JK071K   YAGEO
  R534-130K    RA003C    LUC RAD-820K-4   N/A RC0603JR07220R   YAGEO RC20125000CS   SAMSUNG
  R534-240K    RA01550   RAKON RAD-820R-4   N/A RC0603JR07240K   YAGEO RC2012F103CS   SAMSUNG
  R534-3M3    RA03J105-4G    RAD-82R-4   N/A RC0603JR-0727K   PHYCOM RC2012F1500CS   SAMSUN
  R534-680K    RA-04472G-5P4R   RECTRON RAD-8M2-4   N/A RC0603JR072K2   PHYCOMP RC2012F152CS   SAMSUNG
  R54-01-18K    RA-05102G   SMTEK RADI-820-850M-de-110WR-H   PDI RC0603JR072M2   YAGEO RC2012F2210CS   SAMSUNG
  R541P03U    RA-07472G   SMTEK RADI-820-850M-de-110WR-H//PDI-820-850M-de-110WR-H   PDI RC0603JR07300R+-5%   YAGEO RC2012F2742CS   SAMSUN
  R55-00-215   WC RA-09103G-10P9R   SMTEK RADI-869-894M-DE-110WR-A20   RADITEK RC0603JR-07470K   YAGEO RC2012F3900CS   SAMSUN
  R55-01-120   WC RA-09471G   SMTEK/MERITEK RAE-100K-2   N/A RC0603JR074M7   VITROHM RC2012F4643CS   SAMSUNG
  R55-07-000   PRX RA-09473G   SMTEK RAE-10K-2   N/A RC0603JR-074R7   YAGEO RC2012F5360CS   SAMSUN
  R55620APN   TEXAS INST RA1103   TB RAE-10R-2   N/A RC0603JR07620K   YAGEO RC2012F6040CS   SAMSUN
  R5562-14   ROCKWELL RA1163   THOMAS & BETTS RAE-16K-2   N/A RC0603JR076K8+-5%   YAGEO RC2012F684CS   SAMSUNG
  R5562-14   ROCK RA1167M   TB RAE-180R-2   N/A RC0603JR-0782K   PHYCOM RC2012J000CS   SAMSUNG
  R5562-23   ROCK RA1253   THOMAS & BETTS RAE-1K-2   N/A RC0603JR078R2   VITROHM RC2012J0100CS   SAMSUNG
  R5562-31   BROOKTREE RA1581    RAE-1K8-2   N/A RC0603JR1010K   YAGEO RC2012J0220CS   SAMSUN
  R5632   RET RA-18-110F   ANSLEY RAE-1M8-2   N/A RC0603JR132R2+-5%   VITROHM RC2012J100CS   SAMSUN
  R56DSPR676461   ROCK RA18-14   TB RAE-1R8-2   N/A RC060R0T   YAGEO RC2012J102AS   SAMSUN
  R58LI31005001M   ARCOTRONICS RA18-38   THOMAS & BETTS RAE-220K-2   N/A RC-061/8W   VAGEO RC2012J102CS   SAMSUN
  R5B   SHURE RA18-6   THOMAS & BETTS RAE-22K-2   N/A RC061000DR   YAGEO RC2012J103AS   SAMSUN
  R5C475II    RA18-6FS   T&B RAE-2K-2   N/A RC06100JR+-5%   YAGEO RC2012J104AS   SAMSUN
  R5C476II   RICOH RA2043-20   TALP RAE-2K7-2   N/A RC06101JR   VITROHM RC2012J105CS   SAMSUN
  R5C532   RICOH RA20LASB153A   CLAROS RAE-2R7-2   N/A RC06102JR   YAGEO RC2012J152CS   SAMSUN
  R5C551   RICOH RA20LASB502A   CLAROS RAE-330R-2   N/A RC06103JR   YAGEO RC2012J153CS   SAMSUN
  R5C552 (CSP277A)    RICOH RA20NASD103A   CLAROS RAE-33R-2   N/A RC06105JR   YAGEO RC2012J183CS   SAMSUN
  R5C554   RICOH RA2217   THOMAS & BETTS RAE-390R-2   N/A RC0612061/4W10K+1%   YAGEO RC2012J222CS   SAMSUN
  R5C592-BGA316B   RICOH RA2243   THOMAS & BETTS RAE-3K9-2   N/A RC0612061/4W1M5+-5%   YAGEO RC2012J224CS   SAMSUN
  R5C811   RICHO RA24   BEYSCHLAG RAE-3R9-2   N/A RC0612061/4W470KOHMJ5%   YAGEO RC2012J240CS   SAMSUN
  R5C841   RICOH RA2573M   T&B RAE-470R-2   N/A RC0612061/4W68K+-5%   YAGEO RC2012J273CS   SAMSUNG
  R5C853   RICOH RA2577FM   TB RAE-47R-2   N/A RC0612061/4W8K2+-5%   YAGEO RC2012J330CS   SAMSUNG
  R5F21104FPU0   RENESAS RA2891F    RAE-4K7-2   N/A RC06120656ROHM+-5%   VITROHM RC2012J331CS   SAMSUN
  R5F21112FPU0   RENESAS RA30LASB251A   CLAROS RAE-4R7-2   N/A RC06125JR+-5%   VITROHM RC2012J364CS   SAMSUN
  R5F21114FPU0   RENESAS RA30NASD502A   CLAROS RAE-560K-2   N/A RC061270FR   YAGEO RC2012J393CS   SAMSUN
  R5F21124FPU0   RENESAS RA34256B   GI RAE-56K-2   N/A RC061302FR   ANY RC2012J430CS   CAL-CHIP
  R5F21134DFPU0   RENESAS RA3678T    RAYTHEON RAE-5K1-2   N/A RC-06150JR   YAGEO RC2012J471CS   SAMSUN
  R5F21154SPU0   RENESAS RA40.0-6.0   TECHNI RAE-680K-2   N/A RC061580BR   YAGEO RC2012J472CS   SAMSUNG
  R5F21191SPU0   RENESAS RA41L1   FENWAL RAE-68K-2   N/A RC061742FR   ANY RC2012J473AS   SAMSUN
  R5F211A1DSPU0   RENESAS RA4-48W-K   TAKAMI RAE-6K8-2   N/A RC-06-18K7   YAGEO RC2012J474CS   SAMSUN
  R5F211A4DDU0   RENESAS RA4D0024    SCHARCK RAE-6R8-2   N/A RC061R96FR+-1%   VITROHM RC2012J512CS   SAMSUN
  R5F211B1DSPU0   RENESAS RA5H4D    RAE-820K-2   N/A RC06203JR   SANNOH RC2012J561CS   SAMSUN
  R5F211B4DDU0   RENESAS RA6016X-257BB-A7-23/24   RMB-MINI BEARING RAE-82K-2   N/A RC06204JR   ANY RC2012J622CS   SAMSUN
  R5F211B4NPES   RENESAS RA7410   RAY RAE-8K2-2   N/A RC06220JR   YAGEO RC2012J683CS   SAMSUN
  R5F211B4SPU0   RENESAS RA7419   RAY RAE-8R2-2   N/A RC06224JR   YAGEO RC2012J750CS   SAMSUN
  R5F21237DFPU0   RENESAS RA8150F   F RA-H101SD-1190   JST RC06241JR   YAGEO RC2012J821CS   SAMSUN
  R5F21247SNFPU0   RENESAS RA853   THOMAS & BETTS RA-H141SD-1190   JST RC062740FR   YAGEO RC-20-2010-43RJ   SANNOH
  R5F21254SDFPU0   RENESAS RA857   TB RA-H141TD-1190   JST RC-06-27K   YAGEO RC-20-2010-910J   SANNOH
  R5F21258SDFPU0   RENESAS RA867   TB RA-H341TD-1190   JST RC06302JR   YAGEO RC204   RECTRO
  R5F21272SNFPU0   RENESAS RA877M   T&B RAI 921 200R    RC06330JR   YAGEO RC205   RCTN
  R5F212AASNFPU0   RENESAS RA9600-3   GI RAI-312-UT-3   NSC RC06391JR   YAGEO RC20GF103J    AB
  R5F61582N48FPV   RENESAS RAA08471G   TAIWAN RAL16R425P   LATTICE RC-06-39K2   YAGEO RC20GF104J   AB
  R5J5R6   OHMITE RAB08222G    RALD5WK   FUJITSU RC-06-45K3   RF RC20GF113J   AB
  R5M   SWCRAF RAB-100K-10   N/A RAMP3000GR6   TECH RC06473JR   ANY RC20GF120J   AB
  R5S61651N50FPV   RENESAS RAB-100K-Z-A    RAP4A0 024   SCHRAC RC0647R5FR+-1%   VITROHM RC20GF122J    AB
  R6001825ZC   WC RAB-100R-1000   N/A RAP4D0 12   SCHRAC RC064991FR   YAGEO RC20GF123J    AB
  R60225K100BN0K    RAB-10K-10   N/A RAPC3MHG   SWCRAF RC064R7JR   YAGEO RC20GF124J   AB
  R6051221-1TS   ACON RAB-10K-1000   N/A RAPC-712   SWITCHCRAFT RC065110FR   YAGEO RC20GF131J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R60954-1   AUTH RAB-10M-100   N/A RAPC722   ? RC-06-5K76   YAGEO RC20GF134J   STACKP
  R60EN4220AA30J   ARCO RAB-10R-1000   N/A RA-S341T-0290   JST RC06-6K8   YAGEO RC20GF151J    ALLEN
  R60EN4220JF30J   AE RAB-10R-Z-A    RASCO 3SE 16.000MHZ   MOTOROLA RC0671R5DR   YAGEO RC20GF152J   AB
  R60EN4220-JF30J   ARCO RAB-110K-Z-A    RASCO PLUS   CTI RC067872FR   ANY RC20GF153J   AB
  R60IN4100FS30K   AE RAB-11R-10    RASM722   SWIT RC068662FR   ANY RC20GF164J   STACKP
  R60PF2220(GY30)    RAB-120R-Z   3COM RAV2203M   THOMAS & BETTS RC-06K112JT    RC20GF183J   AB
  R60PN3100AA30K   ARCOTRONICS RAB-12K-200    RAYJM38510/11201BCC   RAYTHEON RC-06K1431FT    RC20GF186J   STACKP
  R60QF1470AA00J   ARCOTRONICS RAB-12R-10    RB-04102G   MERITE RC-06K150JT    RC20GF1R8J   AB
  R6-100   ANY RAB-12R-Z    RB-04222G   MERITE RC-06K221JT    RC20GF202J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R6100330YE   WC RAB-130K-Z-B    RB-04331G   MERITE RC-06K270JT    RC20GF202J   AB
  R6110430YZ   WC RAB-130R-Z    RB051L-40   ROHM RC-06K621FT    RC20GF203J    AB
  R612-1   ELCO RAB-13K-200    RB060L-40 TE25   ROHM RC07-18K-5%   AIRCO RC20GF205J   STACKP
  R61A00-262   AAVID RAB-13R-200    RB100A    ROHM RC07CF150J   AB RC20GF221J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R6201040   WC RAB-150K-10    RB10-50V   PHILIPS RC07G474JS   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC20GF223J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R6222Y-330K   TOKO RAB-150K-Z    RB11   CUSTOM RC07GF100J   AB RC20GF224J    AB
  R622LY-102K   TOKO RAB-150R-100   N/A RB1103   TB RC07GF102J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC20GF241J   IRC
  R622LY-220K   TOKO RAB-15K-10   N/A RB1157   TB RC07GF102J   AB RC20GF270J   AB
  R622LY-561K   TOKO RAB-15K-1000   N/A RB1333   THOMAS & BETTS RC07GF103J   AB RC20GF273J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R636-1    RAB-15R-10   N/A RB14-250A   ANSLEY RC07GF104J   AB RC20GF274K   STACKP
  R636-2   VEC RAB-15R-1000   N/A RB14-4   THOMAS & BETTS RC07GF111J   AB RC20GF303J   AB
  R6402051   HAMMND RAB-15R-200    RB14-6FS   THOMAS & BETTS RC07GF122J   AB RC20GF330J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R64641B   HOLLINGSWORTH RAB-160K-10    RB151   TCI RC07GF123K   AB RC20GF330J   AB
  R64643B   HOLLINGSWORTH RAB-160K-Z-A    RB152   RECTRO RC07GF124J   AB RC20GF331J   AB
  R6500/1P   RK RAB-160R-200    RB153   RECTRO RC07GF136J   AB RC20GF333J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R65001EAB3   RK RAB-16K-10   N/A RB153   DI RC07GF151J   AB RC20GF333J   AB
  R6502-11    RAB-16K-1000   N/A RB153    RC07GF152J   AB RC20GF360J   AB
  R6502-11   ROCK RAB-16K-200    RB154   RECTRON RC07GF153J   AB RC20GF365J   STACKP
  R6502-13   ROCK RAB-16R-10    RB154   DI RC07GF154J   AB RC20GF391J   AB
  R6502-19   ROCK RAB-16R-Z    RB154   RECTRO RC07GF161J    AB RC20GF392J   AB
  R6502-34   ROCK RAB-180K-100   N/A RB155-A   RECTRO RC07GF163J   AB RC20GF393J   AB
  R6502-39   ROCKWELL RAB-180R-100   N/A RB160L40TE25   ROHM RC07GF165J   AB RC20GF3R0J   STACKP
  R650240   ROCKWELL RAB-180R-A-10    RB160M-30   ROHM RC07GF181J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC20GF430J   STACKP
  R6502-40   ROCKWELL RAB-18K-10   N/A RB160M-30TR   ROHM RC07GF181J   AB RC20GF431J   AB
  R6502AP    RAB-18K-1000   N/A RB2.2RI0912DM   RECOM RC07GF182J   AB RC20GF471J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R6502APR650213   ROCKWELL RAB-18K-200    RB2213   THOMAS & BETTS RC07GF183J    RC20GF471J   AB
  R6502BP   RK RAB-18M-Z    RB2257M   ANSLEY RC07GF183J    AB RC20GF472J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R6502P   ROCKWELL RAB-18R-100   N/A RB250P   TB RC07GF184J   AB RC20GF472J    AB
  R6502PE    ROCKWELL RAB-18R-10-A    RB257   TB RC07GF200J   AB RC20GF473J   A-B
  R6504-13   ROCK RAB-18R-Z    RB2573M   T&B RC07GF201J   AB RC20GF4R7J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R6504PR650411   ROCKWELL RAB-1K2-10    RB42L1   FENWAL RC07GF205J    AB RC20GF513J   AB
  R6505C   RK RAB-1K3-200    RB50V102M   MERITE RC07GF221J   AB RC20GF513J    AB
  R6507P   ROCKWELL RAB-1K5-10   N/A RB520S-30TE61   ROHM RC07GF222J   AB RC20GF560J   
  R651211   RK RAB-1K5-1000   N/A RB521S-30FJTE61   ROHM RC07GF222J    AB RC20GF560J   AB
  R6512-13   ROCK RAB-1K5-Z    RB521S30T1    ONS RC07GF223J   AB RC20GF561J   AB
  R6512-29   ROCK RAB-1K6-200    RB54HCT533D   SI RC07GF225J   AB RC20GF621J   AB
  R6512AP   ROCKWELL RAB-1K8-100   N/A RB551V-30   ROHM RC07GF241J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC20GF680J   AB
  R6512AP   ROCKWE RAB-1K8-200    RB551V-30TE-17   ROHM RC07GF241J   AB RC20GF681J   AB
  R6512APR651213   ROCKWELL RAB-1M-100   N/A RB56CE20001B   SHALLCROSS RC07GF243J (CB2435)   AB RC20GF684J   STACKP
  R6512PR651211   ROCKWELL RAB-1M8-10   N/A RB5C478B   RICOH RC07GF270J   AB RC20GF751J   AB
  R6518AJ   RK RAB-1M8-1000   N/A RB5P0050M    RC07GF270J    AB RC20GF753J   STACKP
  R652011   ROCKWELL RAB-1M8-Z    RB657   TB RC07GF271J   AB RC20GF822J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R652020   ROCKWELL RAB-1R-10   N/A RB715F     RC07GF272J   AB RC20GF825J   STACKP
  R6520AP   ROCKWELL RAB-1R-1000   N/A RB71CE10002F   DALE RC07GF273K   AB RC20GF8R2K   AB
  R6520PE   ROCKWELL RAB-1R5-10    RB71CE20001F   DALE RC07GF275J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC20M-12G18D28   BURNDY
  R6522-11   ROCK RAB-1R8-10   N/A RB731U-T108   ROHM RC07GF301J   AB RC20M-13D28   BURNDY
  R6522-25   ROCK RAB-1R8-1000   N/A RB751S40T1G   ON SEMICO RC07GF302J   AB RC210004   KYOCERA
  R6522-31   ROCK RAB-200R-100   N/A RB751S40TE61   ROHM RC07GF302J    AB RC210182   KYOCERA
  R6522-32   ROCK RAB-200R-Z    RB751V-40TE-17   ROHM RC07GF303J    RC210233   KYO
  R6522-33   ROCK RAB-20R-10    RB751V40TE17    ROHM RC07GF330J   AB RC210301   KYOCERA
  R652236   ROCKWELL RAB-220K-10   N/A RB80526PY600256SL5BT   INTEL RC07GF331J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC212034   KYOCERA
  R652254   ROCKWELL RAB-220K-1000   N/A RB80526RX667128SL48E   INTEL RC07GF332J   AB RC214620   AVX
  R6522-57   RK RAB-220K-200    RB857   THOMAS & BETTS RC07GF332J    AB RC21A1210FT   RGA
  R6522-59   ROCK RAB-220R-10   N/A RB857-200   THOMAS & BETTS RC07GF334J   AB RC2207N   FCH
  R6522-67   RK RAB-220R-1000   N/A RB867   TB RC07GF360J    AB RC2211AN   RAY
  R6522AP   RK RAB-22K-100   N/A RB873   THOMAS & BETTS RC07GF362J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC2211N   
  R6522AP    ROCKWELL RAB-22M-200    RBB21   TB RC07GF363J   AB RC2211N   RAYTHEON
  R6522P   RK RAB-22R-10    RBB23   TB RC07GF391J    AB RC2227M   T&B
  R6522P01R652231   ROCKWELL RAB-240K-10    RBD-14-182   ANSLEY RC07GF393J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC224AT1R662217   ROCKWELL
  R6522PER652240   ROCKWELL RAB-240K-Z-A    RBF11R5AP   MINI REEL RC07GF394J   AB RC224ATFR664114   ROCKWELL
  R6522PR652231   ROCKWELL RAB-240R-200    RBG-1210   TUNGSR RC07GF3R3J   AB RC224ATL   ROCK
  R6522PX   RK RAB-24R-10    RBIRF9Z34   IR RC07GF432J   AB RC224ATL/R6641-39   
  R6522S006   ROCK RAB-270K-200    RBO4040G   STMICRO RC07GF433J   AB RC224ATLR678114   CONEX
  R6530P   ROCKWELL RAB-270R-10   N/A RBPP0502    IDEC RC07GF434J    DALE RC229ATF/1-35   
  R6531   ROCK RAB-270R-1000   N/A RBR54L49902BR   JAN RC07GF470K   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC22H0603(1608)1%15R   PHILIPS
  R653215   ROCKWELL RAB-270R-Z    RBR56L10001BM   CAL-R RC07GF472J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC2324DP/2   ROCK
  R653228   ROCKWELL RAB-27R-10   N/A RBR56L100R0BR   NEI RC07GF472J   ab RC2324DPC   
  R6532PR653211   ROCKWELL RAB-27R-200    RBR56L27820AR   ULTR RC07GF473J   AB RC2424DPLR664225   ROCKWELL
  R65451AP   ROCKWELL RAB-2K-10   N/A RBR56L38301AR   ULTR RC07GF473J    AB RC24BKJR663711   ROCKWELL
  R6545-1AP   RK RAB-2K-10-A    RBR56L50160AR   ULTR RC07GF474J   AB RC25-0142-5   KEL-AM
  R6545-1APS   RK RAB-2K2-100   N/A RBR56L51100BR   ULTR RC07GF475J   AB RC25-1/2W-0.025?±1%   VISHAY
  R65451P   ROCKWELL RAB-2K4-10    RBR56L82120TM   CAL-R RC07GF511J   AB RC2512JK07100K+-5%   VITROHM
  R65451P   RK RAB-2K7-10   N/A RBR56L91001TM   CAL-R RC07GF512J   AB RC2512JK072R2   YAGEO
  R65451PR654513   ROCKWELL RAB-2K7-1000   N/A RBR71L11002BP   SHAL RC07GF513J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC2517   TB
  R6545AP   Rockwell RAB-2K-Z    RBR71L1220AT   SHA RC07GF560J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC25177   THOMAS & BETTS
  R6545AP   ROCK RAB-2M2-Z    RBR71L15001FR    RC07GF560J   AB RC257   TB
  R6545AP1654511   ROCKWELL RAB-2M7-200    RBR71L18200TR    RC07GF561J   AB RC2577F   ANSLEY
  R6545EAP   RK RAB-2R2-10   N/A RBR71L29001BM    RC07GF562J   AB RC288DPI   Rockwell
  R6549P   RK RAB-2R2-1000   N/A RBR71L3701BP   ULTRONIX RC07GF563J   AB RC288DPIR668221   ROCKWELL
  R6551-11   ROCK RAB-2R2-Z    RBR71L402ROFR    RC07GF620J   AB RC288DPIVFCR667026   ROCKWELL
  R6551-13   ROCK RAB-2R7-100   N/A RBR71L500R0FR    RC07GF621J    AB RC288DPIVFCR667033   ROCKWELL
  R655117   ROCKWELL RAB-2R7-10-A    RBR71L78700FP   SHAL RC07GF680J   AB RC28F128J3A110   INTEL
  R6551-25   RK RAB-2R7-Z   3COM RBR71L90900FR    RC07GF681J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC28F128J3A150   INTEL
  R6551AP   ROCKWE RAB-30K-A-200    RBR71S15001FR   SHALLC RC07GF681J   AB RC28F128J3C150   INTEL
  R6551AP    ROCKWELL RAB-30R-Z    RBR71S82R00FR    RC07GF682J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC28F128J3K120   INTEL
  R6551APR655127   ROCKWELL RAB-330K-100   N/A RBR75L10001FR   ULTR RC07GF682J   AB RC28F128K3C120   INTEL
  R6551P   ROCKWE RAB-330K-Z-A    RBR75L12101FR   ULTR RC07GF684J   AB RC28F160C3BA90   INTEL
  R656-1   VECTOR RAB-330R-100   N/A RBR75L13001R   ULTR RC07GF685J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC28F160C3BD70   INTEL
  R65C02J2   ROCK RAB-33K-10   N/A RBR75L15801FR   ULTR RC07GF750J   AB RC28F256K3C   INTEL
  R65C02P2    RAB-33K-1000   N/A RBR75L18201FR   ULTR RC07GF751J    AB RC28F256K3C120   INTEL
  R65C02P2   RK RAB-33K-Z-A    RBR75L6R980FP   N/L RC07GF752J   AB RC28F320C3BA100   INTEL
  R65C02P3   RK RAB-33R-100   N/A RBR75L97601BP   ULTR RC07GF820J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC28F320C3BD70   INTEL
  R65C02P4   ROCK RAB-33R-10-A    RBS22    ASTEC RC07GF821J   AB RC28F320C3TA100   INTEL
  R65C102P3   ROCKWELL RAB-360K-200    RBT-14   AMPROB RC07GF824J   AB RC28F320J3A110   INTEL
  R65C21C4E   ROCKWELL RAB-36K-Z-A    RBU6269B   TEMI RC07GF912J    AB RC28F320JSA110   INTEL
  R65C21P   ROCKWELL RAB-36R-200    RBV608    RC07GF914J   AB RC28F640J3A120   INTEL
  R65C21P2E   ROCKWE RAB-390K-10   N/A RC0016LVYTB0   INTEL RC08051M2OHM+-1%   YAGEO RC28F640J3C115   INTEL
  R65C21P3   RK RAB-390K-1000   N/A RC0120K5%   PHILIPS RC0805F1001T    TRIGON RC28F640J3C120   INTEL
  R65C22J1   ROCKWE RAB-390K-200    RC013R310%    RC0805F121RNT   TCT RC28F640J3D75   INTEL
  R65C22J4   ROCKWELL RAB-390R-10   N/A RC0156R5%   PHILIPS RC0805F2212T    TRIGON RC2951M3.3   RAY
  R65C22P1   RK RAB-390R-1000   N/A RC01-685J   PHYCOMP RC0805F3320T    TRIGON RC31-123J   PHYCOMP
  R65C22P3   RK RAB-39K-10    RC01820R5%   PHILIPS RC0805F4991T    TRIGON RC31-152J   PHYCOMP
  R65C24P1   ROCKWELL RAB-39R-10    RC0201FR-07100RL   Yageo RC0805F5761T    TRIGON RC31-160J   PHYCOMP
  R65C24P2   ROCKWELL RAB-3K3-10   N/A RC0201JR-07620RL   PHYCOMP RC0805F8661T    TRIGON RC31-202J   PHYCOMP
  R65C24P4   ROCKWELL RAB-3K3-1000   N/A RC0201JR-07820RL   PHYCOMP RC0805FR0710K   YAGEO RC31-334J   PHYCOMP
  R65C51P11147011   ROCKWELL RAB-3K9-10   N/A RC02H1206(3216)1%110R   PHILIPS RC0805FR07113R   YAGEO RC31-621J   PHYCOMP
  R65C51P2    RAB-3K9-1000   N/A RC02H1206(3216)1%750K   PHILIPS RC0805FR07121R+-1%   YAGEO RC31-911J   PHYCOMP
  R65C51P2    ROCKWELL RAB-3M3-10    RC-02U4R7FT    RC0805FR0712R+-1%   YAGEO RC32 130K   STACKP
  R65C51P2E1147020   ROCKWELL RAB-3M9-200    RC-02U6R8FT    RC0805FR07130R   YAGEO RC320F472J   AB
  R65C52J2   ROCKWELL RAB-3R-10    RC-02W160JT    RC0805FR07150K   YAGEO RC321262   AVX
  R65C52P2   ROCKWELL RAB-3R3-10   N/A RC-02W161JT    RC0805FR07150R   YAGEO RC321605   STACKP
  R65C52P211471BB   ROCKWELL RAB-3R3-1000   N/A RC-02W2670FT    RC0805FR07160R   YAGEO RC3216F1001CS   SAMSUN
  R65C52P3   RK RAB-3R3-Z-B    RC-02W331JT    RC0805FR07178R+-1%   VITROHM RC3216F10R0CS   SAMSUN
  R65C52P-3   RK RAB-3R6-200    RC-02W361FT    RC0805FR0718K   YAGEO RC3216F1500CS   SAMSUN
  R65F11APR110016   ROCKWELL RAB-3R9-10   N/A RC-02W3921FT    RC0805FR0718R   YAGEO RC3216F1502CS   SAMSUN
  R65N002P3   ROCKWELL RAB-3R9-1000   N/A RC-02W6192FT    RC0805FR071K+-1%   VITROHM RC3216F1820CS   SAMSUN
  R65NC02P31145313   ROCKWELL RAB-3R-Z    RC-0306031/10W   BI TECHNOLOGIES CORP RC0805FR071K5+-1%   YAGEO RC3216F2001CS   SAMSUN
  R65NC22J2   RK RAB-430K-200    RC03-1 16W-150J   RANSFO RC0805FR071K8+-1%   VITROHM RC3216F2210CS   SAMSUNG
  R65NC22J3   RK RAB-430R-200    RC03-1 16W-202J   YAGEO RC0805FR07220K   YAGEO RC3216F223CS   SAMSUNG
  R65NC22J4   RK RAB-43K-Z-A    RC03-1 16W-330J   YAGEO RC0805FR07220R   VITROHM RC3216F2492CS   SAMSUN
  R65NC22P1   THOM RAB-43R-200    RC03-1 16W-474J   YAGEO RC0805FR07221R+-1%   YAGEO RC3216F26R7CS   CALCHP
  R65NC22P2   ROCKWELL RAB-470K-10   N/A RC03-1 16W-751J   YAGEO RC0805FR0722R   PHYCOMP RC3216F2742CS   SAMSUN
  R65NC22P2   RK RAB-470K-1000   N/A RC03-1 16W-821J   YAGEO RC0805FR0724K   YAGEO RC3216F302CS   SAMSUNG
  R65NC22P-3    RAB-470R-10   N/A RC03106JR   YAGEO RC0805FR07274R+-1%   YAGEO RC3216F3242CS   SAMSUN
  R65NC22P4   ROCK RAB-470R-1000   N/A RC03134JR+-5%   YAGEO RC0805FR0727R4   YAGEO RC3216F3320CS   SAM
  R6622-17   RK RAB-47K-100   N/A RC0315R0FR   YAGEO RC0805FR072K21+-1%   YAGEO RC3216F37R4CS   SAMSUN
  R6627-12    RAB-47R-10   N/A RC032401FR   YAGEO RC0805FR0730K   YAGEO RC3216F40R2CS   SAMSUN
  R662815   ROCKWELL RAB-47R-1000   N/A RC03274JR+-5%   YAGEO RC0805FR07332R+-1%   VITROHM RC3216F430CS   SAMSUNG
  R6628-16    RAB-4K3-10   N/A RC03305JR   YAGEO RC0805FR07332R+-1%   YAGEO RC3216F4420CS   CHIP
  R663114   ROCKWELL RAB-4K3-1000   N/A RC03393JR   YAGEO RC0805FR0733R+-1%   YAGEO RC3216F46R4CS   SAMSUN
  R6631-15    RAB-4K3-Z-A    RC034320FR   YAGEO RC0805FR0734K8   PHILIP RC3216F4750CS   SAMSUNG
  R6633-12   RK RAB-4K7-100   N/A RC03513JR   YAGEO RC0805FR07390K+-1%   YAGEO RC3216F4991CS   SAMSUN
  R663412   ROCKWELL RAB-4M7-10   N/A RC036651FR   YAGEO RC0805FR0739R2+-1%   YAGEO RC3216F5110CS   SAMSUN
  R6634-12   ROCKWELL RAB-4M7-1000   N/A RC037681FR   YAGEO RC0805FR073K3+-1%   VITROHM RC3216F5622CS   SAMSUN
  R663612   ROCK RAB-4M7-200    RC03821JR   YAGEO RC0805FR073K91%   VITROHM RC3216F6191CS   SAMSUN
  R663912   ROCKWELL RAB-4R3-200    RC-03K111JT    RC0805FR07430R+-1%   VITROHM RC3216F61R9CS   SAMSUN
  R6639-12   RK RAB-4R7-10   N/A RC-03K1472FT    RC0805FR07475K   VITROHM RC3216F8060CS    SAMSUNG
  R6639-18   RK RAB-4R7-1000   N/A RC-03K2493FC    RC0805FR07475R+-1%   YAGEO RC3216F8252CM   SAMSUN
  R6639-24   RK RAB-4R7-Z    RC-03K25R5FT    RC0805FR074K3+-1%   VITROHM RC3216F8660CS   CHIP
  R664017   ROCKWELL RAB-510K-200    RC-03K4221FT    RC0805FR074M7+-1%   YAGEO RC3216G15R0CS   SAMSUN
  R664018   ROCK RAB-510R-10    RC03K4530FT    RC0805FR0756K+-1%   VITROHM RC3216J000CS   SAMSUNG
  R6641-14   NS RAB-51R-100   N/A RC03K84R5FT    RC0805FR0756R+-1%   YAGEO RC3216J000CS   SAMSUN
  R664115   ROCK RAB-51R-Z   3COM RC0402FR-0174RL   Yageo RC0805FR075K6   PHYCOMP RC3216J0106CS   SAMSUN
  R6641-15   ROCKWE RAB-560K-100   N/A RC0402FR-07100KL   Yageo RC0805FR075K6+-1%   VITROHM RC3216J0154CS   SAMSUN
  R664212   ROCKWELL RAB-560K-Z    RC0402FR-07107R   Yageo RC0805FR07680R+-1%   YAGEO RC3216J0183CM   SAMSUN
  R6642-25   CONE RAB-560R-100   N/A RC0402FR-0710KL   Yageo RC0805FR0768R   VITROHM RC3216J0202CS   SAMSUNG
  R664414   CONEXANT RAB-560R-A-200    RC0402FR-07150KL   YAGEO RC0805FR0768R1   YAGEO RC3216J0203CS   SAMSUN
  R6645-18   ROCKWELL RAB-56K-10   N/A RC0402FR0715R+-1%   VITRAMON RC0805FR0775R+-1%   VITROHM RC3216J0275CS   SAMSUN
  R6645-18   RK RAB-56K-1000   N/A RC0402FR0717K8   YAGEO RC0805FR07820R+-1%   VITROHM RC3216J0330CS   SAMSUN
  R664520   ROCK RAB-56R-10   N/A RC0402FR071K47   YAGEO RC0805FR07909R+-1%   VITROHM RC3216J0331CS   SAMSUNG
  R6645-20   ROCK RAB-56R-1000   N/A RC0402FR071M   PHYCOMP RC0805FR0791R+-1%   YAGEO RC3216J0391CS   SAMSUN
  R6645-20   ROCKWE RAB-56R-Z    RC0402FR0720R+-1%   YAGEO RC0805FR1068R1   YAGEO RC3216J0471CS   SAMSUN
  R6645-33   ROCKWE RAB-5K1-100   N/A RC0402FR-0722K6L   PHYCOMP RC0805FR13100R+-1%   YAGEO RC3216J04R7CS   SAMSUN
  R665312   ROCKWELL RAB-5K1-10-A    RC0402FR072K2   YAGEO RC0805FR1310K+-1%   YAGEO RC3216J0751CS   SAMSUN
  R665326   ROCK RAB-5K6-100   N/A RC0402FR-0730KIL   Yageo RC0805FR13160R+-1%   YAGEO RC3216J100CS   SAMSUN
  R6654-20    RAB-5M6-200    RC0402FR-0733R   Yageo RC0805FR1318R+-1%   YAGEO RC3216J101CS   SAMSUN
  R6657-14    RAB-5R1-10    RC0402FR-073M6L   YAGEO RC0805FR131K2   YAGEO RC3216J102CS   SAMSUN
  R6657-16   R96DFXL RAB-5R1-Z    RC0402FR-07422KL   Yageo RC0805FR131M2   VITROHM RC3216J104CS   SAMSUN
  R6659-12   ROCKWE RAB-5R6-200    RC0402FR0748R7   YAGEO RC0805FR1322K   YAGEO RC3216J105CS   SAMSUN
  R6663-22    RAB-620K-10    RC0402FR-0749K9L   Yageo RC0805FR1322R   YAGEO RC3216J121CS   SAMSUN
  R6664-12   CONEXANT RAB-620K-Z    RC0402FR074K64   YAGEO RC0805FR13243R+-1%   YAGEO RC3216J124CS   SAMSUN
  R6665-11   RC9626LL RAB-62K-10    RC0402FR074K64+-1%   YAGEO RC0805FR13274R+-1%   VITROHM RC3216J151CS   SAMSUN
  R6669-13   ROCKWELL RAB-62R-10    RC0402FR-074K75L   Yageo RC0805FR132K   SIEMENS RC3216J153CS   SAMSUN
  R667020   ROCKWELL RAB-680K-100   N/A RC0402FR-0768K   YAGEO RC0805FR132K74+-1%   YAGEO RC3216J183CS   SAMSUN
  R6674-16    RAB-680K-10-A    RC0402FR-078K06L   Yageo RC0805FR1330K   YAGEO RC3216J202GS   SAMSUN
  R6674-16   RK RAB-680R-10   N/A RC0402FR133K9   YAGEO RC0805FR133K3+-1%   VITROHM RC3216J222CS   SAMSUN
  R6675-43    RAB-680R-1000   N/A RC0402JR-   YAGO RC0805FR133K9   VITROHM RC3216J270CS   SAMSUNG
  R6675-55    RAB-680R-Z    RC0402JR-070R   YAGEO RC0805FR133K9+-1%   YAGEO RC3216J331CS   SAMSUNG
  R668221   ROCK RAB-68K-100   N/A RC0402JR07100K   PHYCOMP RC0805FR1356R2+-1%   YAGEO RC3216J332CS   SAMSUN
  R6682-21   NS RAB-68K-Z-A    RC0402JR-07100R   Yageo RC0805FR137K5   YAGEO RC3216J393CS   SAMSUNG
  R668224   ROCKWELL RAB-68R-100   N/A RC0402JR-0710K   YAGEO RC0805FR138K2   YAGEO RC3216J473CS   SAMSUN
  R6682-24   CONEXANT RAB-68R-10-A    RC0402JR-0710R   YAGEO RC0805FR1B15R   PHYCOMP RC3216J622CS   SAMSUN
  R668226   ROCKWELL RAB-68R-Z    RC0402JR07130R   YAGEO RC0805FR1B215K   PHYCOMP RC3216J683CS   SAMSUN
  R668226   ROCK RAB-6K2-Z-A    RC0402JR-0715K   YAGEO RC0805FR1B26K1   PHYCOMP RC3216J752CS   SAMSUNG
  R6682-26    RAB-6K8-100   N/A RC0402JR-071K   YAGEO RC0805FR1B2K15   PHYCOMP RC321719   KYOCER
  R6682-26   ROCK RAB-6K8-10-A    RC0402JR-071K5   YAGEO RC0805FR1B316R   PHYCOMP RC32-22M-5%   STACKP
  R6682-26   RK RAB-6M8-10   N/A RC0402JR0727R   PHYCOMP RC0805FR1B3K32   PHYCOMP RC324099   KYO
  R6682-26P   ROCKWE RAB-6M8-1000   N/A RC0402JR-0733R   YAGEO RC0805FR1B3K83   PHYCOMP RC3256010%   STACKP
  R6683-17   RK RAB-6R2-10    RC0402JR07390R   PHYCOMP RC0805FR1B56K2   PHYCOMP RC32-750K-5%   STACKP
  R6683-21   CONE RAB-6R2-Z   3COM RC0402JR-0739R   YAGEO RC0805FR1B82K5   PHYCOMP RC32CF   
  R668412   ROCK RAB-6R8-100   N/A RC0402JR07470K   PHYCOMP RC0805FR7B42K2   PHYCOMP RC32GF101J   AB
  R6684-19   RK RAB-6R8-200    RC0402JR-07510R   YAGEO RC0805FRE07332R+-1%   VITROHM RC32GF106J   STACKP
  R668421   ROCK RAB-750K-10    RC0402JR075K1   YAGEO RC0805J122T    TRIGON RC32GF123J   AIRCO
  R6693-14   RK RAB-750K-Z   3COM RC0402JR075R6   YAGEO RC0805J206T    TRI RC32GF136J   STACKP
  R66ID2220DQ01K   ARCOTRONICS RAB-750R-Z    RC0402JR-0768K   Yageo RC0805J331T    TRIGON RC32GF151J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R6713-11P   ROCKWE RAB-75R-10   N/A RC0402JR0768R   YAGEO RC0805JR070R   YAGEO RC32GF152J   AB
  R671320   ROCKWELL RAB-75R-1000   N/A RC0402JR0782K   PHYCOMP RC0805JR07100K+-5%   YAGEO RC32GF153J   AB
  R6719-12   CONE RAB-7R5-200    RC0402JR-079K1L   PHYCOMP RC0805JR0710K   YAGEO RC32GF156J   
  R6723-12   RK RAB-820K-10   N/A RC0402JR1368R   YAGEO RC0805JR0710M+-5%   VITROHM RC32GF165J   AB
  R6723-13   RK RAB-820K-1000   N/A RC05-000JR   YAGEO RC0805JR0711R   YAGEO RC32GF200J   AB
  R672512   ROCK RAB-820R-10   N/A RC051/8W-357R   YAGEO RC0805JR07120R   YAGEO RC32GF203J   AB
  R6725-63   CONE RAB-820R-1000   N/A RC051001FR   YAGEO RC0805JR07150R   YAGEO RC32GF222J   AB
  R672912   ROCK RAB-820R-200    RC051002FR   YAGEO RC0805JR0715K+-5%   YAGEO RC32GF223J   AB
  R673522   ROCK RAB-82K-10   N/A RC051003FR   YAGEO RC0805JR0716K   YAGEO RC32GF224J   AIRCO
  R6735-31   ROCKWELL RAB-82K-1000   N/A RC051004FR   YAGEO RC0805JR071K+-5%   VITROHM RC32GF245J   
  R6746-22    RAB-82K-Z-A    RC05100JR   YAGEO RC0805JR-071K5   YAGEO RC32GF273J   AB
  R674921   ROCK RAB-82R-100   N/A RC05101JR   YAGEO RC0805JR071K5+-5%   YAGEO RC32GF300J   AB
  R674925   ROCK RAB-82R-200    RC05102JR   YAGEO RC0805JR071K6+-5%   YAGEO RC32GF304J   AB
  R675021   ROCK RAB8472G   RGA RC05103JR   YAGEO RC0805JR071K8   PHYCOMP RC32GF331J   AB
  R6750-23   RK RAB-8K2-100   N/A RC05104JR   YAGEO RC0805JR071K8   YAGEO RC32GF333J   AB
  R6750-26   RK RAB-8K2-10-A    RC05105JR   YAGEO RC0805JR071M   YAGEO RC32GF365J   
  R6752-2   ELEC RAB-8M2-10   N/A RC051182FR   YAGEO RC0805JR071R5   YAGEO RC32GF391J   AB
  R6753-T2   CONEXANT RAB-8M2-1000   N/A RC051210FR   YAGEO RC0805JR07220R   YAGEO RC32GF434J   AB
  R675C-1   HS RAB-8M2-200    RC05121JR   YAGEO RC0805JR07220R+-5%   YAGEO RC32GF470K   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R6761-21    RAB-8R2-10   N/A RC05122JR   YAGEO RC0805JR0722R   YAGEO RC32GF471J   AB
  R676122   ROCK RAB-8R2-1000   N/A RC051302FR   YAGEO RC0805JR07270R+-5%   VITROHM RC32GF472J   AB
  R676126   ROCK RAB-910K-10    RC051500FR   YAGEO RC0805JR072K+-5%   VITROHM RC32GF473J   AB
  R6762-21   RK RAB-910K-Z    RC05150KJ   YAGEO RC0805JR072K2   YAGEO RC32GF4R7J   AB
  R676225   ROCK RAB-91K-10    RC05152JR   YAGEO RC0805JR072M2   YAGEO RC32GF510J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R6762-26   RK RAB-91K-Z-A    RC05154JR   YAGEO RC0805JR07300R+-5%   YAGEO RC32GF512J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R6764-61   CONEXANT RAB-91R-200    RC05-15R0FR   SANNOH RC0805JR07330R   PHYCOMP RC32GF561J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R6764-63    RAB-9K1-10    RC051690FR   SANNOH RC0805JR07330R   YAGEO RC32GF5R6J   ab
  R6764-63   CONE RAB-9R1-10    RC05182JR   YAGEO RC0805JR07330R+-5%   YAGEO RC32GF621J   IRC
  R67655P   ROCKWELL RAB-9R1-Z    RC051960FR   YAGEO RC0805JR0733R   YAGEO RC32GF680J   AB
  R6765-5P   RK RAC0038H006   HUGHES RC051R0JR   YAGEO RC0805JR07360R   YAGEO RC32GF682J   AB
  R6765P   ROCKWE RAC-100K-Z    RC05202JR   YAGEO RC0805JR073K3+-5%   YAGEO RC32GF824J   AB
  R6768-11    RAC-10K-100   N/A RC05205JR   YAGEO RC0805JR073K6   PHYCOMP RC32GF911J   
  R677122   ROCK RAC-10K-6-A    RC052100FR   YAGEO RC0805JR073M9+-5%   VITROHM RC333   TB
  R677222   ROCKWELL RAC-10M-6   N/A RC05220JR   YAGEO RC0805JR07430K+-5%   YAGEO RC336ACFAR674925   ROCKWELL
  R6772-22    RAC-10R-100-A    RC05221JR   YAGEO RC0805JR0747R   YAGEO RC336ACFWAR675026   ROCKWELL
  R677511   ROCK RAC-10R-6-A    RC05222JR   YAGEO RC0805JR074K7   YAGEO RC3403ADB   RAYTHE
  R6781-12   CONE RAC-12K-6    RC05223JR   YAGEO RC0805JR074K7+-5%   YAGEO RC367   ANSLEY
  R6785-19    RAC-12R-100    RC05241JR   YAGEO RC0805JR0751K   YAGEO RC4000-16   SAE
  R6785-21P   ROCKWE RAC-12R-Z    RC052492FR   YAGEO RC0805JR075K6   YAGEO RC4136DB   Raytheon
  R678561   ROCK RAC-130R-Z    RC0524D   RECOM RC0805JR07680K+-5%   YAGEO RC4136DB   RAY
  R6785-62P   RK RAC-13R-6    RC05270JR   YAGEO RC0805JR-0768K   YAGEO RC4136N   
  R6786-24   PAIR RAC-150R-6   N/A RC05272FR   YAGEO RC0805JR076K8   YAGEO RC4136N    TI
  R6793-11   CONE RAC-150R-Z    RC05272JR   YAGEO RC0805JR076R8   YAGEO RC4151N   RAYTHEON
  R6797-78   CONEXANT RAC-15K-100-A    RC052R0FR   YAGEO RC0805JR07750R   PHYCOMP RC4151N    RC
  R679812   CONEX RAC-15K-6-A    RC053010BR   YAGEO RC0805JR077R5    RC4157M   FCH
  R679812   ROCK RAC-15R-6   N/A RC05301JR   YAGEO RC0805JR07820R   YAGEO RC4157N   FCH
  R6798-12   CONE RAC-160R-6    RC05-302JR   YAGEO RC0805JR078R2   YAGEO RC4193N   RAYTHEON
  R679813   CONEX RAC164D10K5    SEI RC053090FR   SANNOH RC0805JR079K1+-5%   YAGEO RC4195TK   RAY
  R6798-13P   CONE RAC16-4D-33RJCT   KAMAYA RC05330JR   YAGEO RC0805JR132K2   VITROHM RC4200MC   FSC
  R680G23COGHWFAP   PHILIP RAC16-4D-750J   SEI RC05331JR   YAGEO RC1 4-274J   KAMAYA RC42-13M-5%   
  R68334J63B   ARCOT RAC-16K-6   N/A RC05332JR+-5%   YAGEO RC1/2 22 J   SEI RC426F27   SEI
  R68560AJ   ROCKWELL RAC-180K-100-A    RC05333JR   YAGEO RC1/2-1.5K5%   SEI RC42G7273J   AIRCO
  R68560P   RK RAC-180K-6-A    RC05361JR   YAGEO RC1/21130F105J   SEI RC42GF100K   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R68560PR556212   ROCKWELL RAC-180R-100   N/A RC05391JR   YAGEO RC1/2-222J   SEI RC42GF103J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R68561AP   ROCKWELL RAC-180R-6-A    RC05431JR   YAGEO RC1/4G102JT   RGA RC42GF104K   AB
  R68561APR556223   ROCKWELL RAC-18K-100-A    RC05470JR   YAGEO RC1/4G203JT   ROBERT G. ALLEN RC42GF120J   AB
  R68561P   ROCKWELL RAC-18K-6-A    RC05471JR   SANNOH RC1/4G681JT   MULTICOM RC42GF123J   AB
  R68561P556214   ROCKWELL RAC-18R-6-A    RC05472JR+-5%   YAGEO RC100017   KYOCERA RC42GF151K   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R68EC2220(CD50)J   CAL CAP RAC-1K1-6    RC0547R5FR   YAGEO RC1005F1501AS   SAMSUNG RC42GF155J   AB
  R694-252-172   RAD RAC-1K5-100   N/A RC054991FR   YAGEO RC1005F4701AS   SAMSUNG RC42GF182K   STACKP
  R6G-621.21MEGF   DALE RAC-1K5-Z    RC054R7JR   YAGEO RC1005F4751CS   SAMSUN RC42GF200J   
  R7004   PULSE RAC-1K8-6   N/A RC05512JR   YAGEO RC1005F823CS   SAMSUN RC42GF220J   AB
  R7004A   HAR RAC-1M-100   N/A RC05514JR   YAGEO RC1005J102AS   SAMSUNG RC42GF221J   AB
  R706C    RAC-1M-6   N/A RC05561JR   YAGEO RC1005J272AS   SAMSUNG RC42GF222J   AB
  R-7100-0G0B-W/K   AIR LOGIC RAC-1R-100-A    RC0559R0FR   YAGEO RC10250F   T&B RC42GF225J   STACKP
  R711   VAR RAC-1R8-100-A    RC05681JR   YAGEO RC10-8X   THOMAS & BETTS RC42GF273J   AB
  R711X   VARO RAC-1R8-6-A    RC05682JR   YAGEO RC10K101FT    RC42GF300J   AB
  R711XPT   MOT RAC-200R-100   N/A RC05682JR+-5%   YAGEO RC1117DX    RC42GF303J   KOA
  R713316   ROCK RAC-200R-6-A    RC057501FR   YAGEO RC1117S-25   FCH RC42GF305J   STACKP
  R713328   ROCK RAC-220K-100   N/A RC05751JR   YAGEO RC1130    RC42GF333J   ALLEN-BRADLEY
  R713874   ROCK RAC-220K-6-A    RC05822JR   YAGEO RC12063K01   VITROHM RC42GF333J   AB
  R713894   ROCK RAC-220R-6   N/A RC059093FR   YAGEO RC1206F3012T    TRIGON RC42GF335J   STACKP
  R713928   ROCK RAC-22K-100   N/A RC05A1001FT   YAGEO RC1206FR-   YAGO RC42GF390J   AB
  R716816   ROCK RAC-22K-6-A    RC05A-1151FT   YAGEO RC1206FR0710K   YAGEO RC42GF394J   AB
  R7169-2   ELECTR RAC-240R-6    RC05GF103J   AB RC1206FR07120R   YAGEO RC42GF433J   
  R717824   CONEX RAC-270R-100   N/A RC05GF122J   AB RC1206FR-07-147R   YAGEO RC42GF475J   STACKP
  R7181-30   CONE RAC-270R-6   N/A RC05GF153J   AB RC1206FR-0715KL    PHYCOMP RC42GF515J   
  R7181-34   CONE RAC-27K-6    RC05GF184J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC1206FR0718R+-1%   VITROHM RC42GF560J   AB
  R7181-38   MIND RAC-27R-100-A    RC05GF226J   AB RC1206FR0719R6+-1%   YAGEO RC42GF565J   
  R71PN282090M   ARCOT RAC-27R-6-A    RC05GF331J    AB RC1206FR071K05+-1%   VITROHM RC42GF623J   STACKP
  R7200112   WC RAC-2K2-100   N/A RC05GF360J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC1206FR071K33+-1%   YAGEO RC42GF680J   AB
  R7201212   WESTINGHOUSE RAC-2K-6   N/A RC05GF471J    AB RC1206FR071K961%   YAGEO RC42GF681J   AB
  R7301    RAC-2K7-6   N/A RC05GF681J    AB RC1206FR071M   VITROHM RC42GF753J   AB
  R73B2AT2K200RMB2AJ   KOA RAC-2R2-100   N/A RC05GF915J   ALLEN-BRADLEY RC1206FR071M2+-1%   VITROHM RC42GF910J   ANY
  R73EF2220SE00K   AE RAC-2R2-6-A    RC-05K110FT    RC1206FR0720K+-1%   VITRAMON RC42GF913J   STACKP
  R73H1ETP   KOA RAC-2R7-6   N/A RC-05K-111FT    RC1206FR0720K+-1%   VITROHM RC4391M   RAY
  R73PI2220(1900)J   ARCOTRONICS RAC-300K-6    RC-05K12R7FT    RC1206FR07220R+-1%   VITROHM RC-4391N   RAYTHEON
  R73TI1100SE03J   ARCOTRONICS RAC-30R-6    RC-05K132FT    RC1206FR07240R   YAGEO RC4558   TI
  R7443-1   ELEC RAC-330K-100   N/A RC-05K1403FT    RC1206FR072K15+-1%   VITROHM RC4558M   RAY
  R75105J400BR   NIS RAC-330K-6-A    RC-05K160JT    RC1206FR072K21   PHYCOMP RC4558P   
  R75F27R4P   DALE RAC-330R-6   N/A RC-05K2321FT    RC1206FR072K21+-1%   YAGEO RC4558P   TI
  R75II3220JE30J   ARCO RAC-330R-Z    RC-05K2370FT    RC1206FR-072K7L    PHYCOMP RC4558P    TI
  R75MR4220AA02K   NIS RAC-33K-6   N/A RC-05K2551FT    RC1206FR072K87   YAGEO RC4558PS   
  R75PI2470AA01J   ARCOTRONICS RAC-33R-100   N/A RC-05K2611FT    RC1206FR07300K   YAGEO RC4559   RAYTHEON
  R75PI2680JF30J   ARCO RAC-360R-6    RC-05K2742FT    RC1206FR07300K+-1%   VITROHM RC4559M   RAY
  R75PN3220AA30K   ARCOTRONICS RAC-390K-100   N/A RC-05K2871FT    RC1206FR07300R+-1%   VITROHM RC4559N    RAY
  R75X T-67J2R0   ROHM RAC-390K-6-A    RC-05K3162FT    RC1206FR07330R+-1%   VITROHM RC484M   TB
  R76PD2100SE30K   ARCOTRONICS RAC-390R-100-A    RC05K31R6FT    RC1206FR-07332R   PHYCOM RC5010M   RAY
  R76PI3100SE30K   ARCOTRONICS RAC-390R-6-A    RC-05K3320FT    RC1206FR07392R+-1%   VITROHM RC5032M   RAY
  R76PR3470SE00K   ARCOTRONICS RAC-39K-Z    RC-05K334JT    RC1206FR07392R+-1%   YAGEO RC5033M   RAY
  R76QF0220SE00J   ARCOTRONICS RAC-3K-100    RC-05K35R7FT    RC1206FR073K321%   VITROHM RC5036M   RAY
  R76QI2100DQ30K   ARCOTRONICS RAC-3K3-6   N/A RC-05K39R2FT    RC1206FR073K48OHM+-1%   VITROHM RC5037M   FCH
  R76QI2470SE40K   ARCOTRONICS RAC-3K3-Z    RC-05K434JT    RC1206FR07487R   YAGEO RC5037MT   
  R775E   NS RAC-3K6-Z    RC-05K45R3FT    RC1206FR0748K7+-1%   YAGEO RC5040M   
  R79EC2150ZB04H   ARCOTRONICS RAC-3K9-6-A    RC-05K47R5FT    RC1206FR07511R+-1%   VITROHM RC5040M   RAY
  R79IC2680DQ04J   ARCOTRONICS RAC-3R3-100   N/A RC05K4991FT    RC1206FR07511R+-1%   YAGEO RC5041M   
  R79PC1100DQ40K   ARCOTRONICS RAC-3R3-6-A    RC05K51R1FT    RC1206FR07562R+-1%   VITROHM RC5041M-T   RAY
  R800B   HOLLINGSWORTH RAC-3R9-6   N/A RC05K6340FT    RC1206FR0756K+-1%   VITROHM RC5050M   RAYTHEON
  R80186   INTEL RAC-430R-6    RC-05K6980FT    RC1206FR075K11   PHYCOMP RC5050M   RAY
  R80186   AMD RAC-470K-100-A    RC-05K6982FT    RC1206FR075K62+-1%   YAGEO RC5051M   FAI
  R80186    INTEL RAC-470K-Z    RC-05K69R8FT    RC1206FR07619R+-1%   YAGEO RC5051M   RAY
  R80186-10   AMD RAC-470R-6   N/A RC-05K71R5FT    RC1206FR07620R+-1%   YAGEO RC5051M    RAYTHEON
  R80186-10C   INT RAC-47K-100   N/A RC-05K754JT    RC1206FR07680K+-1%   YAGEO RC5051M-A   
  R80186B   AMD RAC-47K-6-A    RC05K-8871FT    RC1206FR0782R+-1%   YAGEO RC5051M-T   
  R80186C   INTEL RAC-47R-100-A    RC-05L1R5JT    RC1206FR-07953R   YAGEO RC5053G   FCH
  R80188   INTEL RAC-47R-6-A    RC-05L275JT    RC1206FR079R1+-1%   VITROHM RC5055M-T   FCH
  R80188   AMD RAC-4K3-100   N/A RC-05L475JT    RC1206FR131M   YAGEO RC5057M   FCH
  R8018810   AMD RAC-4K7-100   N/A RC-05L565JT    RC1206FR131R   YAGEO RC5057MT   
  R8020P   RK RAC-4M7-100   N/A RC-05L685JT    RC1206FR13300R   YAGEO RC5060M   
  R80286/8-C2H   AMD RAC-4R7-100   N/A RC-05L6R8JT    RC1206FR1339ROHM+-1%   VITROHM RC51/8W-357R   YAGEO
  R80286-10   INTEL RAC-4R7-6-A    RC-05L8R25FT()    RC1206FR134K42+-1%   VITROHM RC5-2 133   ABB
  R80286-10/C2H   AMD RAC-510K-Z    RC-05L9R09FT    RC1206FR1B21K5   PHYCOMP RC5513M   RAY
  R8028610C2H   AMD RAC-51R-6   N/A RC05RF2K74   YAGEO RC1206FR7B681K   PHYCOMP RC5532N   RAY
  R8028612   INTEL RAC-560K-6   N/A RC05RF39K   YAGEO RC1206JR070R   YAGEO RC556DB   RAYTHEON
  R80286-12 C2H   AMD RAC-560R-100   N/A RC05RF825K   YAGEO RC1206JR-070RL    PHYCOMP RC55D6651F   CGW
  R80286-12/S   AMD RAC-56K-100   N/A RC05RF910K   YAGEO RC1206JR07100R   YAGEO RC55Y2K43B   WELWYN
  R80286-16/S   AMD RAC-56R-100   N/A RC06000JR   YAGEO RC1206JR-0710K    RC55Y3K01BI   WELWYN
  R80286-6   INT RAC-5K1-100   N/A RC0603287ROHM+-1%   YAGEO RC1206JR0712K   YAGEO RC56CSM/2   RK
  R802868   INTEL RAC-5K1-6   N/A RC060351R1OHM+-1%   YAGEO RC1206JR07150R   YAGEO RC56CSM2R713216   ROCK
  R80286-8   INT RAC-5K6-100   N/A RC0603F1001T    TRI RC1206JR0715K   YAGEO RC56DDP4R713328   CONEX
  R80286-8 C2H   AMD RAC-5K6-6   N/A RC0603F2491T    TRIGON RC1206JR0715R   YAGEO RC56DDP4R713328P   ROCK
  R802868/C2H   AMD RAC-5R1-6    RC0603F4321T    TRIGON RC1206JR-0715R   YAGEO RC5C478B   RICOH
  R802868C2   AMD RAC-5R6-6    RC0603FR-   YAGO RC1206JR0716K+-5%   VITROHM RC6   
  R80286-8S    AMD RAC-620K-6    RC0603FR-07   YAGEO RC1206JR07180K   YAGEO RC60C1001B   DALE
  R8040C   THOM RAC-620R-6    RC0603FR07100K   YAGEO RC1206JR0718R   YAGEO RC6100M   RAY
  R8040P   Rockwell RAC-680K-100   N/A RC0603FR07100R   VITROHM RC1206JR071R   YAGEO RC6302M8   RAY
  R8040P   THOM RAC-680R-100   N/A RC0603FR07100R   YAGEO RC1206JR0720R+-5%   YAGEO RC6333M   FSC
  R8040S   RK RAC-680R-6   N/A RC0603FR0710K   PHYCOMP RC1206JR07220K+-5%   YAGEO RC6508G   RAY
  R8050C   ROCKWELL RAC-68K-100   N/A RC0603FR0710K   YAGEO RC1206JR07220R   YAGEO RC65-T-20K-B-R   WELW
  R8050P   ROCKWELL RAC-68K-6   N/A RC0603FR0710R   PHYCOMP RC1206JR0722R   YAGEO RC65T-500RWI   WELW
  R8050P    ROCKWELL RAC-68R-100   N/A RC0603FR07110K+-1%   VITROHM RC1206JR072K7+-5%   YAGEO RC65T-80KBI   WELW
  R8060   HEWLETT-PACKARD RAC-68R-6   N/A RC0603FR07120K+-1%   YAGEO RC1206JR072R7+-5%   YAGEO RC6602   NS
  R8060P   ROCKWELL RAC-68R-Z    RC0603FR0712K   YAGEO RC1206JR07330R+-5%   VITROHM RC6682-26   RK
  R8060P   ROCK RAC-6K2-Z    RC0603FR0713R3+-1%   VITROHM RC1206JR0733R   VITROHM RC6704M   FCH
  R8060P   ROCKWE RAC-6K8-6   N/A RC0603FR0714R7+-1%   VITROHM RC1206JR07390K+-5%   YAGEO RC7000   RK
  R8060P1193820   ROCKWELL RAC-6M8-100   N/A RC0603FR0715K+-1%   YAGEO RC1206JR07470R   YAGEO RC702CT   RAYTHE
  R8069AP   ROCK RAC-6R2-Z    RC0603FR0716R2   PHYCOMP RC1206JR-07-470R   N/A RC703   THOMAS & BETTS
  R8069BP1048711   ROCKWELL RAC-6R8-6   N/A RC0603FR07180R   YAGEO RC1206JR074K7+-5%   VITROHM RC709T   RAY
  R80-70652.2K1/10W   SEI RAC-750K-100    RC0603FR0718K   PHYCOMP RC1206JR07510R   PHYCOMP RC717   ANSLEY
  R8070AJ   RK RAC-750K-Z    RC0603FR0718K7+-1%   VITROHM RC1206JR07560K+-5%   VITROHM RC717M   TB
  R8070J   ROCKWELL RAC-750R-6    RC0603FR-0718R   YAGEO RC1206JR07560K+-5%   YAGEO RC723   RAY
  R8070JC    RAC-75R-100   N/A RC0603FR07196K+-1%   VITROHM RC1206JR0756R   YAGEO RC723DC   RAY
  R8070P   RK RAC-75R-6-A    RC0603FR07196R+-1%   VITROHM RC1206JR075R6+-5%   VITROHM RC723T   RAY
  R8071AJ   ROCKWELL RAC-820K-100   N/A RC0603FR0719R6+-1%   YAGEO RC1206JR07680K   YAGEO RC725DE   RAYTHE
  R8071S   RK RAC-820K-6-A    RC0603FR071K1+-1%   VITROHM RC1206JR-07680R   YAGEO RC733T   RAY
  R8075J   RK RAC-820R-100-A    RC0603FR071K43   VITROHM RC1206JR076R2+-5%   VITROHM RC7352QA   F
  R8075P   RK RAC-826R-6-A    RC0603FR071K62+-1%   VITROHM RC1206JR0775R+-5%   VITROHM RC73A2A101OHMFT   SMEC
  R80C186   INTEL RAC-82K-6   N/A RC0603FR071M   YAGEO RC1206JR0791R   YAGEO RC73A2A31.6OHMFT   SMEC
  R80C18612   INTEL RAC-82R-100   N/A RC0603FR07200R+-1%   YAGEO RC1206JR13150R   YAGEO RC73C2A30.1KOHMFT   SMEC
  R80C186-16   INT RAC-82R-6-A    RC0603FR0721R5+-1%   YAGEO RC-1206-R47K   IMS RC73C2X10OHMFT   SMEC
  R80C186XL20   INTEL RAC-8K2-6   N/A RC0603FR0722K1+-1%   YAGEO RC1210FR0713K3+-1%   VITROHM RC73C2X29.4KOHMFT   SMEC
  R80C18812   INTEL RAC-8M2-100   N/A RC0603FR-07240R   DUBILI RC1210FR071K54+-1%   YAGEO RC73C2X604OHMFT   SMEC
  R80C188-16   INT RAC-8R2-100   N/A RC0603FR07255R+-1%   VITROHM RC1210FR072K87+-1%   VITROHM RC73L2B-181JT   SMEC
  R80C188XL12   INTEL RAC-8R2-6   N/A RC0603FR07270R   YAGEO RC1210JR070R+-5%   VITROHM RC73L2D-105JT   SMEC
  R80C188XL25   INTEL RAC-910K-100    RC0603FR07287R+-1%   VITROHM RC1218J K-11 330R-07332R   YAGEO RC73L2X1.5KOHM-JT   SMEC
  R8100BF   HOLLINGSWORTH RAC-9K1-6    RC0603FR0728K7+-1%   YAGEO RC1218JK111K   PHYCOMP RC73L2X360KOHM-JT   SMEC
  R8103BF   HOLLINGSWORTH RACRGE600   N/L RC0603FR-072K49   YAGEO RC1223   TB RC74HC574AP   TOSH
  R813447254R(MK-1813)   ROEDER RAD-100K-Z    RC0603FR07300R   YAGEO RC128J3C150   INTEL RC777M   TB
  R817433064-61W   ROEDER RAD-10K-4   N/A RC0603FR-07316RL   PHYCOMP RC12H56K1%TC1005KREBLIS   PHYCOMP RC8200R   RAY
  R818247404-W   ROEDER RAD-10M-4   N/A RC0603FR-0733R2   YAGEO RC12K750JT    RC8203N   SIG
  R820112   RK RAD-110R-4    RC0603FR-07365K   YAGEO RC12P2N422Z00   CONINVERS RC8230MP   RAY
  R8202-11   RK RAD-124-4    RC0603FR07390K+-1%   YAGEO RC13-310K    RC8233DD   RAY
  R8203-14   RK RAD-13R-4    RC0603FR0739R2+-1%   VITROHM RC144ACFWR674626   ROCKWELL RC8241P   RAY
  R8206   INTEL RAD-150R-A-4   N/A RC0603FR073K01   VITRAMON RC144DPDR663917   ROCKWELL RC8243R   RAY
  R8206   INT RAD-15R-4   N/A RC0603FR073K6   YAGEO RC144DPI    RC8251MP    RAYTHEON
  R8206-1   INT RAD-180K-4   N/A RC0603FR-07412KL   PHYCOMP RC144DPI   ROCKWE RC82540EM   INTEL
  R8207-10   INT RAD-180R-4   N/A RC0603FR0742K2   VITROHM RC144DPIDR664523   ROCKWELL RC82544GC   INTEL
  R8207-16   INT RAD18-183   ANSLEY RC0603FR0746K4+-1%   VITROHM RC144DPL R6640-17   Rockwell RC82544GC   INT
  R82078   INTEL RAD18277   ANSLEY RC0603FR0746R4+-1%   VITROHM RC144DPLDR664421   ROCKWELL RC82545GM   INTEL
  R8207B   HOLLINGSWORTH RAD-18377   T&B RC0603FR07470R   YAGEO RC144DPLR664417   ROCKWELL RC82545GMES   INTEL
  R8215B   HOLLINGSWORTH RAD1877F   ANSLEY RC0603FR0749K9+-1%   YAGEO RC144DPR663921   ROCKWELL RC82573E   INTEL
  R822588   INTEL RAD-18R-4   N/A RC0603FR074K3+-1%   VITROHM RC1458H   RAYTHE RC8261P    RAYTHEON
  R82334K100B    RAD-1K-4   N/A RC0603FR074K64   YAGEO RC1587M    RC8263R   RAY
  R82730   INTEL RAD-1K5-A-4    RC0603FR-07510R   YAGEO RC1587M15   FCH RC8264R   RAY
  R8290-11   RK RAD-1K8-4   N/A RC0603FR-0753R6   YAGEO RC1587M33   FCH RC8270DC   RAY
  R82CC4220AA30J   ARCOTRONICS RAD-1M-4   N/A RC0603FR-0756R   YAGEO RC1608F1000CS   SAMSUN RC8270DP    RAYTHEON
  R82DC3100AA50K   ARCOTRONICS RAD-1R-4   N/A RC0603FR075K23   YAGEO RC1608F1001CS   SAMSUNG RC8271MP   RAY
  R82DC4100DQ60K   ARCO RAD-200K-4    RC0603FR076K2   YAGEO RC1608F1003CS   SAMSUNG RC8280DC   RAYCOM
  R82EC1100AA50K   ARCOTRONICS RAD-20R-4    RC0603FR076K81   YAGEO RC1608F1003CS   SAMSUN RC8284DC   RAY
  R82EC1150DQ50K   ARCOTRONICS RAD-220K-4   N/A RC0603FR0775K   YAGEO RC1608F101CS   SAMSUNG RC8285DC   RAY
  R82EC1270191J   ARCOTRONICS RAD-220K-Z    RC0603FR07825R   VITROHM RC1608F1070CS   SAMSUN RC8290DP    RAYTHEON
  R82EC1330SH50J    ARCO RAD-220R-Z    RC0603FR0782K+-1%   VITROHM RC1608F113CS   SAMSUN RC8291DB    RAY
  R82EC1470DQ50J   ARCOTRONICS RAD-22K-4-A    RC0603FR0782R+-1%   VITROHM RC1608F1213CS   SAMSUN RC863M   T&B
  R82EC2100AA50K   ARCOTRONICS RAD-270K-4    RC0603FR078K06   YAGEO RC1608F14R0CS   SAMSUN RC8T20DD   RAY
  R82EC23301005J   ARCOTRONICS RAD-270R-4   N/A RC0603FR078R2   YAGEO RC1608F1503CS   SAMSUN RC933DC   RAY
  R82EC2330AA50K   ARCOTRONICS RAD-27R-A-4    RC0603FR07909R+-1%   VITROHM RC1608F182CS   SAMSUNG RC945D   RAYTHEON
  R82EC2470CK60J   ARCOTRONICS RAD-2K2-A-4    RC0603FR0790K9+-1%   VITROHM RC1608F2002CS   SAMSUN RC9623DP   ROCKWELL
  R82EC2680AA60J   ARCOTRONICS RAD-2K-4   N/A RC0603FR0790R9   YAGEO RC1608F2200CS   SAMSUNG RC9623DP   ROCKWE
  R82IC3100DQ55K   ARCOTRONICS RAD-2K7-Z    RC0603FR-07953RL   PHYCOMP RC1608F2432CS   SAMSUN RC9623DPLR664226   ROCKWELL
  R8395-2   ELEC RAD-2K-Z    RC0603FR1068K   YAGEO RC1608F2490CS   SAMSUN RC9623DPR664216   ROCKWELL
  R8400   HP RAD-2R2-A-4    RC0603FR-13100K   YAGEO RC1608F31R6CS   SAMSUN RC9623DPR664222   ROCKWELL
  R84D   RECTRO RAD-300R-Z    RC0603FR1310R+-1%   VITRAMON RC1608F3303CS   SAMSUN RC9624DP   ROCKWE
  R85104K63A    RAD-330R-4   N/A RC0603FR131K21+-1%   YAGEO RC1608F4320CS   SAMSUN RC962D   NS
  R85DC3150(CK60)K   STS RAD-33K-4   N/A RC0603FR1327R   YAGEO RC1608F4641CS   SAMSUN RC96DPDR663918   ROCKWELL
  R85DC4100   ARCOTR RAD-33R-4   N/A RC0603FR1352R3   YAGEO RC1608F560CS   SAMSUNG RC96V24DPR665312   ROCKWELL
  R85EC1150(CK02)K   STS RAD-390R-4   N/A RC0603FR1362K   YAGEO RC1608F6191CS   SAMSUN RC9V26DP   ROCKWELL
  R8755-1   ELEC-TROL RAD-3K3-Z    RC0603FR1368K+-1%   YAGEO RC1608F64R9CS   SAMSUN RCA06033K30FKEAE3   VISHAY
  R87C3245   ROCKWELL RAD-3R3-4   N/A RC0603FR1382K5   VITROHM RC1608F9531CS   SAMSUN RCA0805100K0FKEA3   VISHAY
  R87C52T2   AMD RAD-3R9-4   N/A RC0603FR470R   VITROHM RC1608G7502AS   SAMSUNG RCA104J-T1   KCK
  R87C64-25   ROCKWE RAD-470K-4   N/A RC0603FR7N11K   PHYCOMP RC1608J0104CS   SAMSUNG RCA-2.99   
  R8820    RAD-47K-4   N/A RC0603FR-7N270R   YAGEO RC1608J100CS   SAMSUN RCA-3.99   
  R89-1341   SEI RAD-47R-A-4    RC0603FR7N4K99   PHYCOMP RC1608J103CS   SAMSUNG RCA-4.99   
  R89-3263-47R   SEI RAD-4K3-4-A    RC0603FR7N6K19   PHYCOMP RC1608J150CS   SAMSUN RCA-607PB   
  R8A20120BG   RENESA RAD-4K7-4   N/A RC0603FR7N82R   PHYCOMP RC1608J221CS   SAMSUNG RCA8203B   RCA
  R8A20300ABG   NS RAD-4M7-Z    RC0603FRE07910K+-1%   VITROHM RC1608J243CS   SAMSUNG RCA-9.99   
  R8K5201   THOMAS & BETTS RAD-4R7-A-4    RC0603J152T    TRIGON RC1608J2R2CS   SAMSUNG RCA9202B   HAR
  R9131T8N1   IRF RAD-51R-4   N/A RC0603J181T    TRI RC1608J332CS   SAMSUN RCA-CABLE   GENERIC
  R922A   HILTON RAD-560K-4-A    RC0603J221T    TRIGON RC1608J3R9CS   SAMSUN RCB 400C   
  R943   MOTOROLA RAD-56K-4   N/A RC0603J682T    TRIGON RC1608J472CS   SAMSUNG RCB105J-T1   KCK
  R95   ITT RAD-56R-4   N/A RC0603JR-07   YAGEO RC1608J473CS   SAMSUN RCB330J-T1   KCK
  R95-114   NTE RAD-5K1-4   N/A RC0603JR-070R   YAGEO RC1608J51CST/R   SAMSUNG RCC-1B6566-P04   
  R96DFXLCIDR668611   CONEX RAD-5R6-4    RC0603JR07100K   YAGEO RC1608J7R5CS   SAMSUN RCC1B6566-P05   SERV
  R96MFX   Rockwell RAD-62K-Z    RC0603JR0710R    YAGER RC1608J821CS   SAMSUN RCC217   TB
  R9804   NS RAD-680K-4-A    RC0603JR07120R   PHYCOMP RC16M-23   ANY RCC680GAKBWSV   PHILIP

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