Electronic Parts and Components Store in Boca Raton

Our Boca Raton electronic parts store

Summit Electronics is an electronic parts distributor with over 1+ Million components of all types and from all major brands ready to pick up at our Boca Raton store and ready to ship same day with no minimum orders!

At our Palm Beach County warehouse, we sell transistors, diodes, IC’s, voltage regulators, stud base rectifiers, resistors, power mosfets, IGBTs, switches, etc that have been discontinued by major manufacturers like Motorola, Honeywell, AVX, Toshiba, Fairchild, Radio Shack, 3Com, Texas Instrument, National Semiconductor and many more.

We are customer centric and highly focused on maintaining the highest standards and are proud our factories are ISO9002 certified.

Our Boca Raton electronic parts store

So if you are in need of new replacement components or obsolete parts for your system, call us or stop by our electronic parts warehouse in Boca Raton. Our store is conveniently located near I-95 and 1/2 hour from West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale. Call us for a free quote or RFQ at 561-226- 8500.

Summit Electronics Corp. 4260 NW 1st Avenue Suite 50 ,Boca Raton, Florida 33431
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