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Recently with the rapid emergence of the internet of things ( IoT ) on the forefront of technology over the last few years, there has been a rapid progression in the melding of 5G and Iot, and the electronic parts that power IoT.

New technology and protocols help these smartphones, wearable devices, laptops, tablets, refrigerators, etc. more available and more affordable. We carry the transceivers, capacitors Ic's, semiconductors, diodes and all electronic parts for this brave new world.

New IOT devices are coming onboard daily spanning component selection for 5G, with wireless interconnectivity evolving beyond mere gadgetry into a world where 5G and self driving cars all work together seamlessly. From healthcare to the weather, cooking to transportation and traffic data, the environment to biological readouts, everything will connect and communicate via the IOT in the near future.


Of course, the continual synchronous melding of data is one of the advantages of IOT. with the power of wireless interconnectivity, any type of object, any location, and any type of being can be connected to and communicate with other devices on the internet. Even RF components will empower these devices with wireless connectivity so they can communicate remotely like smartphones and computers. The electronic parts to power this IOT revolution are critical and Summit Electronics will be there to power the internet of things with electronic components needed to keep IOT devices on the network.

Frequency and wireless communications protocol are essential to allowing IOT to communicate on certain bands. Wireless transceiver chips are essential to this protocol and we have the components. Transceivers need to be compatible with switches to provide the beams for proper transmissions. Power amplifiers and weak signal amplifiers are electronic components which are necessary on the receiving and transmission side of Transceivers. Transceivers are the core foundational element of the IoT wireless capabilities and we provide the electronic parts to keep the transmitters, receivers and other components functioning properly.

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