Electronic Components for MRO Repairs

If you are an MRO and need an electronic part for your repair station urgently to get your aircraft repair finished or manufacturing system running again. We hear you. You can count on us because -

We are SUMMIT ELECTRONICS, and we have your part! MRO aircraft repairs

If you are an MRO repair business / repair station performing industrial repairs or aircraft repairs and routinely buy electronic parts - Summit Electronics can help you. If you perform rebuilds and require military grade components, we are here for you. From military and aviation MRO to plant maintenance and manufacturing MRO, we cater to the industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul shops around the world.

We know that as ISO9000 / IPC7711 / IPC7721 certified technicians components that meet your stringent requirements. We assist you with preventive as well as corrective maintenance by providing the parts you need quickly and at an affordable price. With hundreds of thousands of parts available, we are the GO TO source for hundreds of MRO repair operations around the world.

 industrial manufacturing MRO

We offer the following electronic parts:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers ( PLC's ) - An industrial computer control system.
  • Industrial Displays - These displays are rugged and well-constructed, built to withstand high usage and built for harsh environments.
  • Thyristors, Rectifiers, Bridges, LGBT's etc.
  • AC, DC, & Servo drives - From aviation to factory automation to robotics, we provide AC servo drive parts and DC parts to amplify signal to power electric servomechanisms.
  • Power Semiconductors, Transistor modules, Hockey Puck, Diodes,
  • Industrial Power Supplies - A variety of power supplies are required to run industrial machinery with AC and DC power.

As an MRO, you need your parts quickly so you can keep your customers happy. You need to be dependable, remain on-budget, and bring on-time delivery of your services. We know that TIME is MONEY and you need to perform repairs in a timely fashion for your customers. We understand that intimately and will do 'whatever it takes' to get you the electronic parts you need to complete your rebuilds and repairs in a timely fashion!

Our part technician team is here to answer your tech questions 24/7/365 - Call our MRO support team at (561) 226- 8500.

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