Electronic Parts for Mining and Forging Operations

parts-do Mining rig performing underground drilling

Mining is the process of recovering precious minerals or other geologically abundant materials from the Earth, most often from a rocky surface, shaft, ore deposit, borehole, sea bed or slag deposit. These formations form a sedimentary product which is of prime economic interest to the mining company.

Drilling is the process of developing holes for mining. Mining also utilizes augers using auger bits which are machines used in the process of mining. Drills can be hand operated or may be powered by an external power supply. Some drilling rigs power systems leverage the existing electric infrastructure during drilling in order to recharge the batteries. Rigs now use hydraulic "legs" to 'walk / move to the next drill site. We sell parts for the hydraulics. We sell power supplies for drill rigs.

We sell fuses, switches, circuit breakers, AC power systems and any other deep mining electronic parts.

Many minerals are recovered from beneath the Earth's surface, however, there is a limit to such resources as there are many factors affecting the location and volume of minerals that can be retrieved. One such factor is the type of the ore or deposit that has been found. Underground mining involves the process used to extract these minerals from underground and is very different from surface mining, which involves the digging of a hole in the ground to reach the deposit. In the latter process, the drill is placed directly into the earth, and then the rocks or minerals are moved outwards using a conveyor belt or by a robot.

We supply electronic parts for drills, augers, mining robots and all other mining and forging equipment.

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