Need Electronic   Need Electronic Parts to Fix Your Video Slot Machines?

Our company specializes in providing hard to find casino video gaming parts, electronic parts for slot machines and pinball machine parts including LEDS, switches, transistors, replacement boards, diodes etc. to help you repair your video slots and electronic games. From LEDS to replacement boards. From the RNG to the boards, you need a part supplier for those obsolete and hard to find parts.

The RNG of course is part of the Computer Processing Unit (CPU) controlling the varied functions of the slot machine. Core functions like the Start switch, credit or token sensor, Max Bet switch, and RAM which store the varied reel stops, 'hit' combos, and the payouts. We have parts from top video casino gaming electronic part companies from Z-Link to Suzo, from Hazel Electronics to Eago technology, if it is hard to find or obsolete casino gaming electronic parts - turn to Summit Electronics Company!

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