Electronic Component Distributors of Obsolete Parts

We are electronic component distributors who specialize in finding hard-to-find, obsolete parts. We are one of the top electronics parts distributors in the USA.

We offer millions of components, and will not only help you find the part you need, we'll help you with technical information you need to make important decisions about your systems.

Obsolete electronic components distributor

Distributing parts is complex, and we form a critical part of the supply chain by providing electronic equipment companies with the components they need. With our consultative approach, we help engineers, maintenance managers and facilities manufacturers source new as well as obsolete and hard to find parts for the oil industry, the aeronautics industry, defense, robotics, industrial repairs and more.


If you are looking to purchase parts from a distributor you can trust, call us for assistance at 561 226- 8525

Why do parts go obsolete in the first place?

What is the explanation behind electronic components becoming obsolete? In part it is because newer technology gradually replaces the old, even though old technology still 'functions' properly. Supporting advances may never again be accessible to deliver or even repair an item. For instance, many integrated circuits, including CPUs, memory and even some moderately straightforward logic chips may never again be created in light of the fact that the innovation has been superseded, their unique engineer has left business or a contender has gotten them out and viably executed off their items to evacuate rivalry.

"Over 350,000 parts became obsolete last year" - SiliconExpert

It is seldom worth redeveloping an item to get around these issues since its general usefulness and value/execution proportion has more often than not been superseded at that point also.

TIP - If you have received news that a part you use is going to be obsolete in the near future think about negotiating for something called a 'lifetime buy' with the distributor.

But if it is too late and your component is already obsolete, just call your support team at Summit Electronics at 561 226- 8525.

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