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Summit is a global distributor sales agent for current / allocated hard-to-find and obsolete electronic parts and electrical components including diodes, transistors, IGBTs, switches, capacitors, electron tubes, power rectifiers, (SCRs), mosfets, integrated circuits ( IC ), relays and voltage regulators and more.

Through our worldwide distribution network, we have become purchasing agents first (and last) for some of the largest parts companies in the world. Summit is a global Distributor Of new as well as obsolete parts, hard to find passive and active parts for many industries from defense to robotics, from aerospace to textiles, power station and energy to food processing and MRO repairs. We are proud that Summit personnel focus on: customer service, reliability, fast delivery, and outstanding pricing.

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Electronic Component Specialists:

- 55 Years Experience
- 2,000,000+ Electronic Parts Available!
- Knowledgeable Sales Staff
- Competitive Pricing
- Electronics Parts for All Industries
- Hard To Find & Obsolete Parts from IC's to switches, from IGBTs to mosfets and more!
- International Import/Export
- 40,000 Inventoried Items
- 90% Of Deliveries - Overnight
- No Line Item Minimum
- 24 Hour Phone & Fax Support
- Distributor Of Electronics
- Global Distributor of Military Components
- Hard to Find and Obsolete Electronics
- Distributor of Passive components
- One-On-One Personal Support

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