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Boca Semiconductor, a division of Summit Electronics, Acquires Microsemi Corporation's PPC Commercial Product Line

BOCA RATON, FL February 21, 2001 - Boca Semiconductor Corporation, a division of Summit Electronics, announced today its acquisition of the Microsemi PPC Commercial Product Line. The acquisition is part of ongoing efforts to enhance its position as a global supplier of hard to find and discontinued electronic components.

Boca Semiconductor will utilize the same offshore sources for the commercial product line. By utilizing the same sources, Boca Semiconductor will provide the same product quality and reliability that was previously available through Microsemi PPC Commercial Products division.

As part of the acquisition, Microsemi Commercial Products Manager, George Covert, will become Senior Vice President and General Manager of Boca Semiconductor. Randy Posey, a Microsemi Production Supervisor, will become Boca's Vice President of Production and Logistics.

The acquisition of the Microsemi PPC Commercial Product Line will allow consumers continued access to what would have otherwise been discontinued products by Motorola, National Semiconductor, TI, Fairchild & more.

Boca Semiconductor has offices in Boca Raton, Florida and Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Boca Semiconductor can be contacted at the following numbers:

Internet Web Site:

Boca Semiconductor Sales and Marketing: 561 226-8500 or 800 226-6960
Fax: 561 226-8523

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