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We are stocking distributor of power components Including Rectifiers, Diodes (Standard & Fast Recovery), fuses, Thyristors, SCR's (Phase Control & Inverter Grade), Mil- Spec, power, High voltage transistors, IGBT's, MOSFET, Silicon Bidirectional, AC-DC, DC-DC, power modules, etc. Contact us now for your needs.

Summit electronics is a volume source for electronic power components. We provide regular power supplies, DC / DC converters, inductors, capacitors, diodes, and MOSFETs for power electronics and power supply technology.

We also offer LED power supplies and other specialty power supplies. If your application require a specific voltage, we can meet that need. Our experience lies with DC converters small and large.

We also provide 75W, 110W, 150W, and 350W power inverters made to bring stationary or mobile AC power from a DC source. Our power converters utilize magnetic fields for energy conversion and energy storage. Call us if you need electronic power component parts!

High Speed Power switches, Power transistors


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